The structured electronic lab notebook

Looking to transition from paper lab notebooks or scattered spreadsheets to a centralized data system? The Uncountable platform provides a structured data management solution, allowing your R&D data to be understood organization-wide.

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Benefits of Uncountable as an ELN

Use your ELN to drive true organizational learnings - not one-off workbooks that are different from project to project

  • Scientists can use an spreadsheet like interface, while still maintaining consistent data structure
  • Detailed experiment data can be recorded with customizable parameters
  • Automatic calculations can be created and customized on a group level
  • Flagging of outliers and other bad data, so that it isn't used elsewhere
  • Searching, filtering and graphing of all information entered
  • Link to data from other systems, such as regulatory or pricing

Allow your scientists to collaborate and learn from each other, with searching, commenting and request features

  • Quickly find relevant experiments, based on inputs, outputs, calculations and other variables
  • Leave comments that notify other team members
  • Use results of 1 experiment as inputs to another, allowing teams to work together across projects
  • Utilize real time editing of workbooks, allowing users to see who is working on documents
  • Assign work to certain users, based on your lab's needs

Using the structured data that Uncountable creates, instantly graph, visualize and analyze all of your information.

  • Instant Access to scatter, line, bar, contour and many other plots
  • Learn predictive relationships between different inputs and outputs with machine learning tools
  • Automatic suggest experiments from past data with your new goals
  • Save graphs in notebooks for other users to view, with continuous updates as more data is recorded
  • Export graphs and reports to PDF and Microsoft Word for your reporting needs
  • REST API Access for connections to other systems when needed

Meet your compliance needs with a system designed with security and audibility in mind

  • Audit Trail to trace and record all actions by users in the system
  • FDA 21 CFR Part 11 Digital Signature Support
  • SOC 2 Certified, with independent audit available in platform
  • Validated System available for GxP deployments
  • Role Based Access Controls integrated with your user directory, so users can only see data they should
  • Export controls, to allow reports to be made, while preventing exporting of your entire database

Integrate your project process directly into your data management system

  • Create custom workflows, with different steps requiring actions by different users
  • Tie workflow results to actions in the systems, such as running a study, or syncing a test result from a machine
  • Automatically notify users who are required for reviews and other actions
  • Flagging of outliers and other bad data, so that it isn't used elsewhere
  • Searching, filtering and graphing of all information entered
  • Track other lab information, such as inventory and equipment, with dedicated modules

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