Live Events

Cell phone beacons, customer data, and point of sale systems allow for an unparalleled look into the minds of customers at live events.  We provide insights into the purchasing decisions and attendance behavior of your customers, so you no longer have to guess at the value of each artist and your marketing campaigns.

Real Insights for Music Festivals


Our software algorithms translate location data into action data, enabling promoters to see what customers are doing at a festival, and how they interact with key sponsor activations.

  • Understand which customers are engaging and purchasing in individual sponsor booths.
  • Determine customer demographics of the whole festival and passerby's of activations. 
  • Identify the most valuable artists for bringing in revenue generating customers. 


The ability to understand what an individual is doing during their time at festival provides new insights into consumer behavior. 

  • See how long your customers spend at each stage.
  • Group customers based on similar behavior.
  • Identify which customers are hardcore fans and which are there just to see the headliners.

We will pull in your purchasing data and mobile app data to provide a complete picture of each consumer.

  • Predict purchasing behavior based on social media activity.
  • Learn why customers decide to buy multi-day vs. single day passes.
  • Filter customers to supercharge your targeted marketing campaigns.
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Based on customer tracking data, we can provide you the true value of each artist at your festival.

  • Estimate the number in attendance for each performance, and compare to other artists in similar time slots.
  • Approximate the revenue generated from that artist's fans.
  • Identify similar artists and use information to target customers who might also be interested in future events.


Festival Grounds

Our spatiotemporal models can identify ways to improve your festival operations.

  • Learn where concessions should be located to maximize surrounding foot traffic.
  • Optimize artist schedules to encourage multi-day ticket buying and improved customer engagement.
  • Decide where staff should be placed to provide the best customer support.

Compare stage attendance over time.


Custom Web-Based Interface

We'll provide you everything you need to view and integrate our models. This starts with our cloud-based software solution that displays visualizations and reports customized to the needs of your company.

Data Exports and Add-On Integration

Integrate our insights into your existing workflow. The value we add is in the output of our advanced algorithms and statistical models. We will provide data exports and add-on support for the software you already use.

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