Front-End Engineer

Location: San Francisco, CA     Commitment: Full-time     Salary Range: $100,000 - $150,000 / year

Description: Uncountable is seeking experienced front-end engineers who are passionate about user experience and scaling web applications.  Our goal is to revolutionize industrial research and development with artificial intelligence.  We're looking for motivated engineers who can help to build a state of the art development platform that will be used across Fortune 500 companies.

Primary Responsibility: You primary responsibility will be to develop the Uncountable Web Platform where scientists upload and analyze their experiments.

- 2 years of development experience
- Expertise in Javascript
- Strong interest in data visualization
- Expertise in a chosen front-end framework
- Solid computer science and software engineering fundamentals

Preferred Qualifications:
- B.S. in computer science
- Familiarity with React, ES6


Our Current Stack:
- Backend: Flask (Python), Postgres
- Frontend: React (Javascript ES6), Redux, Sass


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