Machine Learning Research Engineer

Location: San Francisco, CA     Commitment: Full-time     Salary Range: $150,000 - $220,000 / year

Description: Uncountable is seeking machine learning engineers who are passionate about statistics and optimization. Our goal is to revolutionize industrial research and development with artificial intelligence.  We're looking for motivated engineers who can help us automate the experimental process of Fortune 500 companies.

Primary Responsibility: Your primary responsibility will be to improve our Bayesian optimization algorithms and prototype better techniques for designing experiments with sparse data.

- Degree in CS or Mathematics
- Machine learning research experience
- Expertise in statistical machine learning theory
- Experience with software development
- Interest in applied mathematics, stochastic modeling, or optimization

Research Area:
- Bayesian optimization
- High-dimensional global optimization
- Numeric computing and automatic differentiation extensions (we use PyTorch)


Important Clarification:
Uncountable is not a deep learning company nor a big data company.  Most of the problems we work with have fewer than 100 data points and almost all have fewer than 1000.
We take pride in our ability to be as accurate as possible with very little data.  If you're excited by very challenging statistics or optimization problems, this is the place for you.


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