Logistics and Transportation

We provide end to end support for improving the way you handle and distribute shipments and inventory. Whether it’s using data from the corporate office or directly from your vehicles and infrastructure, our machine learning solutions can improve your business operations.


Advanced ETA Forecasting 

Our algorithms and predictive technologies can be used to solve a variety of challenging data problems. By learning from your thousands of previous shipments, our system will understand the conditions that lead to late deliveries. 

  • Proactive Alert System -- Our models recognize shipment behaviors, so your logistics teams can focus on the high priority shipments that are most likely to miss their committed ETAs.
  • Multi-Factor Analysis -- By aggregating multiple data points per shipment, such as GPS tracking, driver history, and route type, we can extract more abstract patterns that simple regressions can't capture. 

Preventative Maintenance 

When a truck breaks down, so does your business: deliveries are late, business is lost, and employees are frustrated. Our system provides insights into a truck's usage history that allows carriers to be proactive about engine and system preservation.  We use several factors to extract the patterns that lead to highest likelihood of unexpected failures:  

  • GPS tracking and engine fault data collected during a truck delivery history
  • Maintenance records to understand what work has been on the vehicles
  • Route and driver of the vehicle to decipher the impact of various paths and employees on vehicle performance


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Custom Web-Based Interface

We'll provide you everything you need to view and integrate our models. This starts with our cloud-based software solution that displays visualizations and reports customized to the needs of your company.

Data Exports and Add-On Integration

Integrate our insights into your existing workflow. The value we add is in the output of our advanced algorithms and statistical models. We will provide data exports and add-on support for the software you already use.


We will travel to your site to get your solutions up and running and ensure compatibility with your data sources. After delivering our software, we will continue to iterate with your help to produce the most profitable insights for your company.