Our integrated solution improves the way you track current inventory, new production records, and future demand. Utilizing advanced algorithms to predict production, our software helps manufacturing companies increase material turnover, free up capital, and optimize production flow. 


Precise Forecasting

We integrate world-class artificial intelligence algorithms to solve your hardest forecasting tasks.

  • Demand Forecasts -- We incorporate past production and inventory records to predict future demand, enabling more efficient purchasing decisions and freeing up capital. 
  • Machine Utilization -- Understanding production cycle changes allows your team proactively manage orders and meet delivery dates even during peak demand.
  • Customer Insights -- Our models learn customer behavior, enabling you to predict customer ordering cycles and improve your sales efforts.
 Our system provides accurate forecasts, so customers can optimize inventory levels.

Our system provides accurate forecasts, so customers can optimize inventory levels.


Virtual Inventory Tracking

Our solution provides a tool for material and plant managers to visualize past purchasing and production records, and how demand will change in the coming weeks. 



Machine Usage Patterns

We design software to deeply understand machine performance, allowing for preventative maintenance and reduced unplanned downtime.

  • Minimize downtime – We determine patterns of productivity and downtime to give you actionable insights into your bottlenecks.
  • Determine optimal time for repair– Our solution integrates with production plans to determine which equipment and machines are required to meet delivery targets. 
  • Receive real-time alerts for equipment that requires maintenance.

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Custom Web-Based Interface

We'll provide you everything you need to view and integrate our models. This starts with our cloud-based software solution that displays visualizations and reports customized to the needs of your company.

Data Exports and Add-On Integration

Integrate our insights into your existing workflow. The value we add is in the output of our advanced algorithms and statistical models. We will provide data exports and add-on support for the software you already use.


We will travel to your site to get your solutions up and running and ensure compatibility with your data sources. After delivering our software, we will continue to iterate with your help to produce the most profitable insights for your company.