Cooper Standard deploys lab informatics platform to synchronize R&D 

Interested in modernizing your R&D organization? Want to learn about how other companies have transformed the way they leverage their most valuable data?

With 70 scientists and technicians working across 7 different global locations, Cooper Standard needed a way to turn their myriad of data files into a functional asset for future development. So the materials organization at Cooper Standard partnered with Uncountable to centralize their R&D data, streamline their processes, and provide their scientists the best-in-class tools to help drive product development.

This case study examines how Cooper Standard quickly and effectively implemented the Uncountable platform to meet the needs of the global materials development organization. Uncountable’s R&D platform has enabled Cooper Standard to drive productivity through enhanced alignment and collaboration across the organization.

You'll learn:

  • How Uncountable brings together a wide array of Cooper Standard’s R&D data
  • The benefits of transitioning away from spreadsheets as the primary source of information
  • Uncountable’s quick and effective deployment process

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