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Free Guide: A Guide to Laboratory Inventory Tracking & Management Software

Learn how to choose the best Laboratory Information Management System in 2023

Downloadable Guide: How to Choose The Right Laboratory Inventory Tracking & Management Software in 2023

Guide Summary:

R&D teams are investing in technology that speeds up development, increases operational efficiency, and helps them pull ahead in an industry where getting new materials to market quickly is a major success factor.

Today, the latest machine learning techniques along with scalable data infrastructure can be woven into every department’s toolset without breaking the budget. This guide to lab inventory tracking and management illustrates how modern R&D teams leave outdated processes behind by investing in better software.

Key Takeaways:

  • Learn why it’s crucial to stop recording experiment data in disparate notebooks, spreadsheets, and legacy systems
  • Get to know the landscape to lab information management software (LIMS) and how to choose the right features for your team
  • Understand the impact of standardizing and streamlining R&D workflows, gaining visibility into formulations and experiment results, and monitoring resources in real time
  • Take the next step toward accelerating your R&D efforts by choosing a modern LIMS for your organization
  • and much more

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