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Revolutionize Your Lab Management with Uncountable's End-to-End R&D Platform

Learn how Uncountable's cutting-edge platform can modernize your R&D workflow – transforming siloed data sets and spreadsheets into a seamless and fully integrated R&D knowledge base. Schedule your free demo, today!

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Key Benefits

Streamline all your lab data across your entire R&D organization
Share key insights across teams, in real-time
Use advanced AI to predict & optimize formulations
Stay compliant & secure – confidently store sensitive data
Accelerate innovation & new discoveries
and much more

The most advanced capabilities

More power. Greater functionality. Better performance.

Collaborate with your team

Manage all of your laboratory & materials information in a single, shareable and searchable workbook
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Unify projects & experiments

Access a searchable repository of every project with detailed formulation data and customizable parameters
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Optimize your innovation

Use advanced visualizations to see outputs, correlations, & predictive insight leading to faster product innovation
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Easily access all your data

View all of your inventory, regulatory and pricing information from integrated apps and systems instantly
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Platform features:
Get all your data structured and in one place
Adjust for complex constraints & calculations
Capture complexities in scaling product up
Use AI to optimize experiments
Embed curves & images directly in results
Get visualization tools to find trends & insights
Compare data with peers across the world
Drag & drop files directly from lab equipment
and much more