Real Results with Real Value

Uncountable works with R&D organizations across a wide variety of markets, sizes, and products. Our customers span from Fortune 500 manufacturers to innovative new start-ups. 

Chemistries that we've developed optimized solutions for include: 

- Synthetic rubber compounds

- Polyurethane foams (flexible and rigid) for automotive applications

- 3D printing polymers

- Inks, paints, and functional coatings


Here are just a few of the customers that are already benefitting from Uncountable's artificial intelligence platform...


Uncountable cuts development trials by 2x for Cooper Standard

Working with scientists from Cooper Standard's Innovation team, Uncountable was able to prove a 2x decrease in experiments needed, leveraging less than 20 previous experimental data points. 


PUblicly-traded Foam manufacturer sees 4x reduction in experiments

Uncountable partnered with a polyurethane foam manufacturer to deliver an innovative new flexible foam product in only 1/4th of experiments it took the senior formulation chemist to reach the equivalent performance. 



"Uncountable was able to identify novel compounds that were outside of our normal box of experimenting and delivered significant improvements in performance."
- Chris Couch, VP of Innovation & Product Groups, Cooper Standard
"With Uncountable, development goals that would have taken five months to achieve were accomplished in one month."
- Senior polyurethane formulation chemist, NYSE-traded manufacturer


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