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Uncountable is a true partner to R&D teams. We believe that the right platform will integrate easily into scientists’ current workflows while improving knowledge management and uncovering new development opportunities.

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Chris Couch

Chief Technology Officer, Cooper Standard

Uncountable identified novel compounds that were outside of our normal box of experimenting.

Aaron Amstutz

Chief Technology Officer

Uncountable’s ability to effectively manage our data across our many product lines has led to efficiency gains and new ways to understand and visualize our data that will help us scale at the pace the market demands.

Jason Rolland

SVP Materials, Carbon

I think of what we do as a team as solving a Rubik’s Cube, and I view the capability of Uncountable’s software as a way to speed up the solving of this puzzle. We now design experiments using fundamentals of polymer science, but we’re assisted through the optimization phase using Uncountable.

Russell Schwartz

CTO, Sun Chemical

Working with Uncountable has enabled a new level of knowledge access and capture across our organization, from R&D to Product Management. We're able to develop and deliver products faster with Uncountable.

Marie Herring

Senior Research Scientist, Carbon

Data analysis is an inherent part of doing any experiment. On the materials team, we have to be very sophisticated in our approach and understanding of data given the complexity of our technology. It is amazing to use the Uncountable platform because it’s flexible to our needs and complexity. Analysis projects that were taking us hours per day can now be done in just a few minutes.

Hirokazu Takagi

Senior Manager of R&D, AGC Chemicals

In product development, we always have to balance difficult property tradeoffs with multiple constraining variables. Uncountable’s Materials Informatics platform has helped us shorten development times and reduce experiments across multiple projects by learning efficiently from past data and exploring these high-variable spaces in ways that were impossible before. For these reasons, formulations suggested by Uncountable’s AI model performed better than what we've seen with a traditional DOE approach. We are excited to expand our relationship and look forward to continued success with Uncountable.

Mike Recchio

President and CEO, Zeon Chemicals

With the Uncountable platform, analysis and reporting that used to take hours or days now takes minutes.

Marc Husemann

Director of R&D, Electronic Materials, tesa

Uncountable’s platform clearly helped to cut the number of experiments to achieve our formulation targets. Most interestingly, we were able to identify new formulation paths, which have never been considered before. Also we were able to stop projects by knowing there is no fitting formulation in the chosen design space.

Carbon + Uncountable

Carbon’s R&D team runs on Uncountable.

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Case studies

Carbon accelerates digital production with a centralized platform for materials data

Carbon, a 3D printing technology company founded in 2013, has played a major role in advancing digital production. With offerings from 3D printers to cloud-based design tools to the materials themselves, Carbon helps businesses develop better products and bring them to market faster.

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How Cooper Standard deploys the Uncountable platform to synchronize R&D

With 70 scientists and technicians working across 7 different global locations, Cooper Standard needed a way to turn their myriad of data files into a functional asset for future development. So the materials organization at Cooper Standard partnered with Uncountable to centralize their R&D data, streamline their processes, and provide their scientists the best-in-class tools to help drive product development.

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How a Global Manufacturer Uses Uncountable to Increase Productivity

Uncountable partnered with a publicly traded materials company to modernize their data infrastructure by streamlining data collection, analysis, and communication across scientists, engineers, and technicians, helping save the organization’s 60+ users up to 5 hours a week with the Uncountable platform.

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