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Uncountable is a true partner to R&D teams. We believe that the right platform will integrate easily into scientists’ current workflows while improving knowledge management and uncovering new development opportunities.

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Chris Couch

Chief Technology Officer, Cooper Standard

Uncountable identified novel compounds that were outside of our normal box of experimenting.

Mike Recchio

President and CEO, Zeon Chemicals

With the Uncountable platform, analysis and reporting that used to take hours or days now takes minutes.

Jason Rolland

SVP Materials, Carbon

I think of what we do as a team as solving a Rubik’s Cube, and I view the capability of Uncountable’s software as a way to speed up the solving of this puzzle. We now design experiments using fundamentals of polymer science, but we’re assisted through the optimization phase using Uncountable.

Russell Schwartz

CTO, Sun Chemical

Working with Uncountable has enabled a new level of knowledge access and capture across our organization, from R&D to Product Management. We're able to develop and deliver products faster with Uncountable.

Tom Schuler

CEO, Solidia Technologies

Uncountable helps us accelerate product development by dramatically speeding data analysis, helping us predict iterations and move much more quickly... We’re excited to be working with Uncountable, spearheading the data revolution in cement and concrete, bringing sustainable solutions and process optimization faster to a global industry.

Marie Herring

Senior Research Scientist, Carbon

Data analysis is an inherent part of doing any experiment. On the materials team, we have to be very sophisticated in our approach and understanding of data given the complexity of our technology. It is amazing to use the Uncountable platform because it’s flexible to our needs and complexity. Analysis projects that were taking us hours per day can now be done in just a few minutes.

Marc Husemann

Director of R&D, Electronic Materials, tesa

Uncountable’s platform clearly helped to cut the number of experiments to achieve our formulation targets. Most interestingly, we were able to identify new formulation paths, which have never been considered before. Also we were able to stop projects by knowing there is no fitting formulation in the chosen design space.

Carbon + Uncountable

Carbon’s materials team runs on Uncountable.

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Case studies

Cooper Standard

Working with Cooper Standard's Innovation team, Uncountable proved a 50% reduction in the number of experiments required to develop a new rubber product, despite leveraging fewer than 20 previous experimental data points. Uncountable helped achieve a 2x increase in R&D throughput.

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Publicly Traded Foam Manufacturer

Uncountable partnered with a polyurethane foam manufacturer to deliver an innovative, new flexible foam product in one-fourth the number of experiments it took their senior formulation chemist to reach the equivalent performance achieving a 4x increase in R&D throughput.

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