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Modern drug development requires state-of-the-art, enterprise class tools. The Uncountable Platform provides a scalable solution that centralizes data, allows teams to configure any kind of experiment, and search by any experimental parameter or analytical result.

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Design of experiments

Design large scale multivariate experiments.

High throughput screening

Automatically identify most promising candidates.

Predictive tools

Use past data to suggest new experiments or identify critical variables.

Genealogy tracking

Track cell and viral lines across passages, transfections, and evolutionary steps.

Lab requests

Request, assign, and track lab work.

Assay management

Track assay results across experiments.

Sample tracking

Monitor sample locations and results across multiple labs.

Inventory management

Track inputs across experiments by lot number.

Automated data ingestion

Upload data through an automated process.

Research areas

Small Molecule

  • Discovery: Screening assays for cancer enzyme suppression
  • Aggregate and compare synthesis pathway data for cost and efficiency.
  • Formulations: Run correlation analysis on tablet formulations to identify
  • Formulations: Use ML to suggest optimal formulations


  • High throughput screening: Identify high performing cell cultures across large multiparametric experiments for directed evolution or engineered pathways
  • Cell line development: Easily track history of a cell line’s development cycles across passages. See uses
  • Media development: Use ML to project optimal media components
  • Bioprocess scale-up: Identify high growth, high stability operating conditions that generate high purity
  • Downstream processing: Compare separate efficiency across operating conditions
  • Molecular biology: Embed and view SnapGene files and incorporate plasmid constructs into experimental parameters.

Cell & Gene Therapy

  • Viral line development: Track genealogy across passages and transformations.
  • Cellular assay development: Evaluate binding effectiveness with target cells and proteins.
  • Molecular biology: Search qPCR data by the presence of engineered plasmid constructs.


Uncountable allows you to meet your compliance needs. With SOC 2 Certification, as well ISO 27001, FDA 21 CFR 11, and GMP compliance, our customers store their most sensitive data with Uncountable.


Audit trail of all actions


Electronic signature support


Full lot traceability


Shelf life management


Inventory and workflow task management


Incorporate regulatory and pricing information from existing systems


Secure data

Independently-verified best practices for storing and securing data


Built with secure cloud infrastructure on AWS

Access config

Permissions-based access means team members only see what they need to

SOC 2 certified

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