Cooper Standard Implements Uncountable’s R&D Platform to Streamline and Accelerate Global Product Development

September 16, 2020
Uncountable Blog

After several years of successful AI collaboration on individual R&D projects, Cooper Standard made the decision in 2019 to roll out Uncountable’s electronic lab notebook and lab data management platform to the entire organization. 

With important strategic goals that required streamlining and collaboration across regions and development sites, the Cooper Standard Materials team needed a system that could adapt quickly to the right workflows in the lab and that was easy and powerful to use, driving time savings and better coordination and learning between regions.

For Material Data Engineer Benoit Beaubreuil, the vision was clear: “We want our chemists to only have to work in Uncountable. They’ll be able to enter and search for experiment data, connect with SAP to see pricing of raw materials, and send a formula straight to the mixing team from one centralized platform. Whether they’re working in China or Mexico, they should be able to maintain global material connectivity while making plant-specific adjustments.”

Now, after a successful implementation involving 40 Chemists across seven R&D sites around the world, Uncountable and Cooper Standard are proud to share key learnings and best practices from the rollout.

Learn more in our case study about the discovery process, the collaborative custom implementation, and the early returns that the Cooper Standard Materials team is already seeing in the first few months of adoption:

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