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Free Guide: How to Choose a Laboratory Information Management System

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[Downloadable Guide] "Labs of The Future: How to Choose a Lab Information Management System in 2023"

The Practical Guide to Evaluating LIMS Providers

Still using spreadsheets to manage your lab data? You’re not alone. Despite the importance of their work, researchers are just beginning to get the tools they need to rapidly experiment and develop products.

About This Guide

We wrote this guide to help companies move forward, investing in technology that speeds up R&D workflows and makes it easier for scientists to do their jobs.

Labs of the Future will help you evaluate modern platforms that replace traditional laboratory information management systems (LIMS), electronic notebooks (ELN) and disparate analysis tools.

What You'll learn:

  • What to look for in a modern lab management system
  • How to manage lab resources, record experiment data, and run analysis on one platform
  • How AI and machine learning are changing the way researchers work
  • Questions to ask vendors before you buy

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