Looking to move from Word and Excel documents to a modern Electronic Lab Notebook? Want to replace your legacy system with a modern user interface, but not sure where to begin?

Organizations around the world are realizing the importance of centralizing their data, both for future reference and to facilitate artificial intelligence capabilities, but are often stuck with legacy systems that don’t help in these goals.

This guide will provide you with a comprehensive reference when searching for the right ELN provider – from what a modern electronic lab notebook should look like, how it fits into your organization’s material informatics strategy, what features different vendors have available, and much more!

  • The New Scope of Electronic Lab Notebooks
  • Features of Modern ELNs: graphing capabilities, reporting, and statistical analysis.
  • ELN Deployment Offerings: On-Premise vs. Open-Source vs. Cloud.
  • Questions to ask vendors before you buy

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