ASI Podcast

July 20, 2020
Will Tashman

It was a pleasure speaking with Susan Sutton at ASI about digital transformation and the importance of data structure in R&D labs today, especially during COVID. Given the complex nature of product development with adhesives, it’s critical to move beyond spreadsheets/excel into a system that can capture critical data from “cradle to market”.

Whether your team is looking into a LIMS, ELN, or other ways to connect unstructured data and  laboratory instruments collecting raw data to a central repository - there are a lot of factors to consider. Data collection and storage can vary from site to site, so you will need a  solution that is flexible enough for your own product development lifecycle. In the end, this is about enabling seamless data sharing and knowledge access for scientists, so they can focus on the difficult chemistry tasks and not digging through old and new files.

Looking forward to seeing how the industry continues to shift towards a more collaborative, digital work environment for scientists.

Will Tashman


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