Lohmann GmbH & Co KG Adopting the Uncountable Platform

January 18, 2023

Lohmann GmbH & Co KG, one of the pioneers in adhesive tape technology with a history of more than 170 years, has chosen Uncountable as its R&D data management solution. To collect more structured data and build a knowledge center that researchers can leverage when working on new projects, Lohmann decided to implement a modern software solution to help with their efforts.

Uncountable provides the functionality typically found in spreadsheets, LIMS, ELN, and statistical analysis tools and therefore “checked a lot of boxes” while the Lohmann R&D team, was searching for a suitable software solution. The key differentiator that set Uncountable apart from other solutions was its emphasis on structuring and connecting all information related to an experiment and making it readily accessible for researchers. In an effort to help the R&D team to make more data driven decisions and build a data repository to allow them to build ML models and use predictive tools, the Lohmann R&D team recognized that implementing Uncountable would speed up the steps already taken in that direction and go Beyond expectations.

Uncountable is excited to partner with Lohmann GmbH & Co KG and to watch “the bonding engineers” go Beyond innovation and be a recognized leader in the adhesives market.

For more information about the Uncountable platform, you can set up a demo with our team here!

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