Mitra Chem Leveraging Uncountable's Informatics Platform

June 28, 2022
Uncountable Admin

Mitra Chem, a North American battery materials manufacturer founded in 2021, is on a mission to be the first lithium-ion battery materials manufacturer to shorten the lab-to-production timeline by >90%. As part of their goals to accelerate R&D, Mitra Chem has chosen Uncountable as their R&D data and knowledge management platform. Uncountable offers data structure and integration that allows comprehensive access to the experimental information collected from multiple segments of battery development, which is important for Mitra Chem as they embark on using machine learning technologies to achieve their goals. Uncountable helps to support their custom workflows, track formulations across multiple teams with barcoding, and systematically extract data across their entire developmental path. Scientists and engineers are able to collaborate easily with one source of truth, and an interface that tailors to unique user needs while maintaining company wide standards. As the Mitra Chem team continues to expand and further refine development processes, Uncountable is excited to support their operations and boost the rate of battery evolution.

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