An AI-powered platform for innovative R&D workflows

A collaborative, predictive chemical development platform with unlimited project capacity and seamless visualization tools. Uncountable’s powerful features make spreadsheets and lost data a thing of the past.

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Get unprecedented visibility and company-wide results

Manage all of your laboratory and materials information in a single, shareable workbook in the cloud.

  • A searchable repository of every project and experiment
  • Detailed formulation data with customizable parameters
  • Advanced visualizations show outputs and correlations
  • Predictive calculations drive faster innovation and improvements
  • Inventory and workflow task management
  • Incorporate regulatory and pricing information from existing systems.

Streamline your data

Capture all formulation and experiment data in a secure, centralized location. Enable your scientists to quickly access key information to inform their development work. 

Share key insights

Empower your organization to work together seamlessly across location and function. Amplify the value of new discoveries.

Innovate faster

Uncover novel relationships in your data, quickly test hypotheses, and easily present important learnings with Uncountable’s visualization tools.

Platform preview

See the Uncountable platform in action.

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An AI engine that’s always improving

Uncountable's proprietary machine learning algorithms have been tailored to the complex data environment in materials and chemicals R&D so that you can outpace the competition by learning more from each experiment you run.

With Uncountable AI, you can finally
Leverage cross-project learnings
Predict new formulation performance
Receive optimized experiment suggestions


How to Choose a Laboratory Information Management System in 2020

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Secure Data

Independently-verified best practices for storing and securing data


Built with secure cloud infrastructure on AWS

Access Config

Permissions-based access means team members only see what they need to


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