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Key Benefits

Streamline all your lab data across your entire R&D organization
Share key insights across teams, in real-time
Use advanced AI to predict & optimize formulations
Stay compliant & secure – confidently store sensitive data
Accelerate innovation & new discoveries
and much more

The most advanced capabilities

More power. Greater functionality. Better performance.

Collaborate with your team

Manage all of your laboratory & materials information in a single, shareable and searchable workbook
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Unify projects & experiments

Access a searchable repository of every project with detailed formulation data and customizable parameters
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Optimize your innovation

Use advanced visualizations to see outputs, correlations, & predictive insight leading to faster product innovation
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Easily access all your data

View all of your inventory, regulatory and pricing information from integrated apps and systems instantly
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Platform features:
Get all your data structured and in one place
Adjust for complex constraints & calculations
Capture complexities in scaling product up
Use AI to optimize experiments
Embed curves & images directly in results
Get visualization tools to find trends & insights
Compare data with peers across the world
Drag & drop files directly from lab equipment
and much more

Uncountable Customer Testimonials

Hear from some of our amazing customers who are building faster...
Uncountable identified novel compounds that were outside of our normal box of experimenting.
Chris Couch
CTO, Cooper Standard
Uncountable’s ability to effectively manage our data across our many product lines has led to efficiency gains and new ways to understand and visualize our data that will help us scale at the pace the market demands"
Aaron Amstutz
CTO, Natural Fiber Welding
I think of what we do as a team as solving a Rubik’s Cube, and I view the capability of Uncountable’s software as a way to speed up the solving of this puzzle. We now design experiments using fundamentals of polymer science, but we’re assisted through the optimization phase using Uncountable.
Jason Rolland
SVP Materials, Carbon
Working with Uncountable has enabled a new level of knowledge access and capture across our organization, from R&D to Product Management. We're able to develop and deliver products faster with Uncountable.
Russell Schwartz
CTO, Sun Chemical
Data analysis is an inherent part of doing any experiment. On the materials team, we have to be very sophisticated in our approach and understanding of data given the complexity of our technology. It is amazing to use the Uncountable platform because it’s flexible to our needs and complexity. Analysis projects that were taking us hours per day can now be done in just a few minutes.
Marie Herring
Senior Research Scientist, Carbon
Uncountable’s Materials Informatics platform has helped us shorten development times and reduce experiments across multiple projects by learning efficiently from past data and exploring these high-variable spaces in ways that were impossible before. For these reasons, formulations suggested by Uncountable’s AI model performed better than what we've seen with a traditional DOE approach. We are excited to expand our relationship and look forward to continued success with Uncountable.
Hirokazu Takagi
Sr. Manager of R&D, AGC Chemicals

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