Fully Integrated Electronic Laboratory Notebook "ELN" for Enterprise R&D Teams

Uncountable's integrated ELN enables clean, consistent, and connected information across all your scientific data pipelines.

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The same flexibility with more structure.

Boost Research to Commercialization

Capture detailed project, task, and experiment data in a structured way to prevent unnecessary errors & iterations.

Focus on Analysis & Project Outcomes

Design, formulate, and analyze data efficiently across all your scientific workflows, in a single command center.

Digitalize Based on Your Lab's Processes

Customize Uncountable's platform based on your laboratory's processes to streamline user adoption.

Store, Manage, & Access Data, Securely

Centralize organization-wide data in a secure cloud-based repository with custom user permissions & authentication.

Reliable Audit Tracking & Traceability

Maintain time-stamped audit trails & electronic signatures to protect your organization from every touch point.

Intelligently Search & Filter for Data

Quickly search for the exact details, data, and insights across all your historical and ongoing experiments.

Scientific data management, simplified.

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Quickly Search, Filter, & Find

Whether you have a team of 2 or 5000, Uncountable's structured data system enables researchers to search for specific and detailed data – no matter when or where its stored.

Instantly Generate Reports

Easily combine your experimental process data in addition to output data in one report. Drag-and-drop charts, visualizations, images, and critical insights necessary to gain a full and contextualized reporting view.

Minimize Errors & Redundancy

Uncountable's structured data system ensures consistency of data entry and all the details involved within the entire experimental process – providing researchers with a simple reference and reliable source of truth.

Made for innovation-driven R&D teams

Accelerate innovation with a modern and cutting-edge laboratory management system that goes beyond just an ELN – delivering full transparency and data-driven insights throughout your entire R&D lifecycle.

Contextualize Data, Efficiently

Capture additional layers of information and metadata to enrich your entire experimental process using custom tags, links, files, images, annotations, visualizations, and more.

Ensure IP Protection

Whether you're adding or off boarding team members, be assured that your organization is retaining full control over its research data and intellectual property.

Centralize Research, Globally

Unify research, documentation, and information across your entire organization – securely store every note, methodology, and data point from existing and historical workflows within a single, secure, and collaborative platform.
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Customer testimonials

"Best ELN I’ve ever seen!"

"[Uncountable's platform] is highly customizable to everything we need. The response from the Uncountable team has been amazing. Every question is always answered in a super quick fashion, and there hasn’t been a request that they couldn’t deliver for us."

– Elysia H., Scientist

"ELN software I highly recommend!"

"The in-depth analysis possibilities, statistical analysis tools, excellent visuals, and the ability to filter ingredients of components. [Uncountable's] system is a very stable, modern, & cloud-based software that can be used at home."

– Heiko L., Research Engineer

Uncountable's ELN Solution vs. Other ELNs

Uncountable's Integrated Electronic Laboratory Notebook offers the same flexibility as standalone ELNs, but simplifies & eliminates the error-prone and manual work required to attain accurate & comprehensive insights you need.

Other ELN Vendors

Uncountable's Integrated ELN

No standardized "structured" method of data entry
Structures & standardizes data entry
Data is not connected to outputs & results
Automatically connects input data to output data
Data analysis is manual, time-consuming, & complex
Provides accessible & centralized repository of data
Spreadsheet required for formulation & analysis
Unifies & contextualizes data across data pipelines
Accessible & collaborative knowledge base
Captures critical experiment meta data

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