A Fully Integrated LIMS for Enterprise R&D Teams

Uncountable's integrated Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) connects and automates your entire laboratory ecosystem into one scalable and collaborative platform.

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Lab Information Management Systems "LIMS"

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Visualize your data in an all-in-one platform

Uncountable's R&D platform comes built in with visualization tools, allowing your team to instantly view their data, without exporting, or re-creating in other systems

Visualize directly in your ELN/LIMS

Data from experiments in Uncountable's platform can be instantly visualized. In one click go from recording data, to understanding correlations, allowing scientists to easily learn from their own, as well as others data.

Perform Statistical Analysis of Experiments

Uncountable offers built in tools like ANOVA analysis and DOE creation. Users can even use machine learning solutions to suggest what experiments to run next, learning form all data in the organization, instead of a local set of spreadsheets.

Share graphs with other users

Users can share graphs with other users within the system, increasing collaboration. Remove silos where only one scientist understands the outcome of a project, and instead promote cross-organizational learning from all data.

Replace Standalone Tools

Uncountable's visualization tools can replace standalone tooling like Tableau, JMP or MiniTab, allowing organizations to consolidate their data spend.

Create reporting directly from your data

Uncountable's built in reporting functionality allows users to create and edit reports directly in system, similar to a traditional electronic lab notebook (ELN)

Create Reports With a Built-In Notebook

Uncountable comes built in with ELN functionality, allowing users to create reporting, both for their daily work, as well as for experiment and proejct plans to share with other stakeholders in an organization.

Export to Your Preferred Format

Uncountable reports can be exported as several formats including PDF, Word, and PowerPoint. Easily allow users not on the platform to access reports to be sent to and for users to integrate them with a tool of their choice.

Easily Import Data From Visualizations

Uncountable's modules all integrate seamlessly, allowing for users to pull visualizations like scatter plots from their standalone page into reports with a click of a button.

Built-in Electronic Lab Notebook Capabilities

Uncountable's platform offers all the traditional ELN functionalities and more, including audit logs, 21 CFR Part 11 compatibility, and multi-user collaboration.

Automatically Keep Data Up-to-Date

Users can choose between static "snapshots" of data, or update graphs in real-time. No more re-creating graphs between each round of experimentation. Now, other scientists and managers can view the most up-to-date  information in the latest notebook.

Share Insights Across Your Organization

Uncountable users can share reports across your entire organization without leaving the platform. Users are notified in the platform and sent an email and can leave comments for the original creator of the report – enabling seamless collaboration across a team.

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Take advantage of 20+ Visualization tools

Charting Capabilities, Built-in

Uncountable comes with all the traditional charting capabilities, built-in. Now, users can ditch standalone tooling for a fully integrated platform.

Fully Configure All Your Charts

Users can customize axis settings, titles, best-fit lines, grids, and all fundamental capabilities needed in charting.

Generate All Types of Visualizations

From scatter, box, radar, violin, curve, correlation grid, image compare, and many more plots, users have all the tools needed to effectively communicate their data with ease.

Perform statistical analysis on your data

Use Uncountable's system to perform statistical analysis and get a clear understanding of what inputs lead to your desired outcomes.

Visualize Correlations

With both a correlation visualization and a grid view of looking at correlations, quickly find what inputs correspond to outputs you are interested in, and click through to view the data in more detail.

Analyze with Statistical Methods

Uncountable offers ANOVA and other statisistical methods to determine numerical relationships between your data. Take advantage of the platform's capability to filter data and exclude outliers to quickly zero in on your target data set.

Create DOEs & Suggest Experiments

Uncountable supports natively creating factorial and space filling DOEs. In addition, users can use past experiments to form an "Uncountable DOE," prioritizing areas that are good candidates for future experiments.

Create & share reports across your organization

Uncountable's built in reporting allows users to easily build and share reports on their projects, both for their own tracking as well as sharing inside the organization.

Instant Reports Based on Your Data

In addition to freeform text, reports can be built using other elements of Uncountable's system. In one click, instantly create a table showing all the experiments run in a project.

Collaborate in Real-Time

Uncountable's platform allows multiple users to work together in one report, viewing and editing data simultaneously.

Maintain Strict IP Controls

All reports are part of Uncountable's permission system, allowing admins to restrict access, and maintain a full audit log of any changes made to the report.

Uncountable's Solution vs. Other LIMS/ELNs

Uncountable's platform offers the same flexibility as standalone LIMS or ELN, but with a wide range of visualization and analytical capabilities that typically require another tool such as JMP or MiniTab

Other Vendors

Uncountable's Platform

Limited number of visualizations available
20+ fully integrated Visualization and Analytical tools
No DOE support, requiring specialized tooling
Built in DOE and Machine Learning support
Visualizations require SQL or specialized language
Easy-to-use and intuitive web-based interface
No statistical methods available
ANOVA and other methods supported in-app.

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