Our Values

Uncountable is a hard-working team of engineers, data scientists, account managers, and sales executives headquarted in the Design District in San Francisco, CA.

Uncountable's mission is to accelerate R&D. The primary objective of our work on a daily basis is to provide value for our customers. To achieve that, we value Execution, Efficiency, and Empiricism.

Primary Focus: Customer-first

  • We put the needs of our customers and what they care about first.
  • We prioritize data security because security is of the utmost importance to our customers.
  • We act with professionalism and care towards our customers.
  • We learn as much as we can from our customers and empathize with them.

Value 1: Execution

We help our customers execute on R&D projects and innovate quickly.  We prioritize execution for ourselves as well.

  • We get our work done on-time and prioritize functioning, high-quality solutions over perfect ones.
  • We have the flexibility to do our work in a way that is best for each of us without excessive meetings or restrictions.
  •  We believe that true progress comes from radically innovative solutions and work together to deliver them.

Value 2: Efficiency

We help make R&D experimentation be as efficient as possible. We are as efficient as possible as well.

  •   We move quickly and choose to work on the projects that will be most impactful.
  •   We minimize process and optimize for performance and scale.
  •   We are building a small team of great people who each take responsibility for their work.
  •   We work as a team to pursue our shared mission but often work individually to distribute and parallelize work.

Value 3: Empiricism

We help our customers put more emphasis on their R&D data and make decisions using that data.  We let empirical results guide our decisions as well.

  •   We trust past experience over intuition.
  •   We believe the best way to win an argument is to have data to backup your position.
  •   We look for ways to collect data that will influence our decisions and the company's trajectory.
  •   We test new ideas and are open to letting the data tell us that we're wrong.

Our Team

The Uncountable team has grown quickly and its culture and personality changes with each new team member.  We are currently most defined by:

  • Our mutual respect for each other and our diverse backgrounds and interests
  • A shared appreciation for dry humour
  • A desire to learn from one another and each other’s roles

Come help us add to this list!