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2023 Materials Science MEGA Webinar Series Hosted by 20/15 Visioneers

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"Why You Need an End-to-End Data System for Better Decision-Making in R&D"

Webinar Summary:
Managing large amounts of data stored and shared across various applications and tools has been and continues to be challenging for Materials, Chemicals, and broader R&D teams worldwide.

With so much complexity in formulation, measurement, testing, and analysis, legacy data systems and incumbent solutions limit effective data management, leading to errors and inefficiencies in decision-making.

Today, new and cutting-edge structured data systems are redefining Materials and Chemical Development organizations and driving better decisions and innovation.
  • Webinar Details:
  • Featured Speaker:
    Noel Hollingsworth, CEO @ Uncountable
  • Key Takeaways:
  • Limitations of legacy data systems
  • Benefits of implementing a modern, unified solution
  • How to inform better decision-making & innovation
  • ELNs vs. LIMS vs. All-in-One Data Systems
  • Top questions to ask vendors before you buy
  • Q&A with CEO, Noel Hollingsworth

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