A Modern Walkthrough of Electronic Lab Notebooks

September 17, 2020
Uncountable Team

Electronic Lab Notebooks: How ELNs are shaping R&D workflows for a more competitive future

Following up on our guide to lab information management systems (LIMS), we have released a guide to Electronic Lab notebooks. 

Despite the advances in software that have pervaded other industries recently, most materials companies are using decades old ELN software. Such software is typically disliked by chemists within the company, and useful only as a historical back reference for patent and audit purposes.

This guide shows how a modern ELN can do so much more, starting with access to years of research in a clean searchable manner, and ending with a discussion of the modern AI techniques now in use. Along the way it covers

  • The new scope of electronic lab notebooks
  • Features of Modern ELNs, including graphing capabilities, reporting and statistical analysis
  • Differences between ELN Deployment Offerings - On-Premise vs Open-Source vs Cloud.

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