AGC Chemicals expands relationship with Uncountable in Japan

August 19, 2020
Will Tashman

After going through successful pilot programs in America and Japan in 2018 and 2019, AGC Chemicals will now expand their relationship and grow the usage of the Uncountable platform in both regions. 

“In product development, we always have to balance difficult property tradeoffs with multiple constraining variables. Uncountable’s Materials Informatics platform has helped us shorten development times and reduce experiments across multiple projects by learning efficiently from past data and exploring these high-variable spaces in ways that were impossible before. For these reasons, formulations suggested by Uncountable’s AI model performed better than what we've seen with a traditional DOE approach. We are excited to expand our relationship and look forward to continued success with Uncountable,” said Hirokazu Takagi, Senior Manager of R&D at AGC Chemicals. 

We look forward to partnering further with AGC Chemicals to help them innovate even faster as adoption of the platform increases across the organization.

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