Nohbo selects Uncountable as R&D data platform

January 15, 2021
Uncountable Team

Nohbo, maker of the world's first water-soluble personal care drop, wanted to set up a centralized data platform as they ramp up their development efforts.

CEO Benjamin Stern recognized the value of setting up a centralized data platform early on in the company so all new scientists have a wealth of information easily accessible to drive faster development as they grow.    

"The onboarding team not only provided technical support, but also advised on structuring our data in a way that would allow for scaling as our startup grows."

Benjamin continued to say "Uncountable helped to re-enforce data-driven culture within our team by providing a centralized and customized platform...We are impressed how responsive the Uncountable team is to our needs, ensuring that the platform provides most efficient and optimized support to our R&D needs."

We're very excited to work with the Nohbo team, one of several other startups that have recently selected Uncountable as their R&D partner.

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