Summit Nanotech to Deploy Uncountable Lab Informatics Platform

May 31, 2022

Summit Nanotech, a leader in sustainable direct lithium extraction, has selected Uncountable as their R&D management platform. Uncountable was selected by the Summit Nanotech team because it’s a comprehensive platform purpose-built for R&D teams to organize and share experiment information, unearth new learnings with visualization tools, and add predictive capabilities to an R&D toolset. Summit Nanotech has rapid growth in mind for their denaLi™ direct lithium extraction technology to reach commercial scale. denaLi™ was designed to sustainably address lithium supply constraints globally and meet surging demand due to the increased pace of adoption of electric vehicles and renewable energy. Uncountable is thrilled to work with Summit and support the creation of the data insights necessary for Summit’s effective data-driven decision making in their fast-paced environment.

If you are interested in learning more about the how the Uncountable informatics platform may work for your team, check out more information here.

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