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Modern R&D requires state-of-the-art, enterprise class tools, beyond that of a traditional ELN or LIMS. The Uncountable Platform provides a scalable solution that centralizes data, allows teams to configure any kind of experiment, and search by any experimental parameter or analytical result.


Design of Experiments

Design large scale multivariate experiments.

High Throughput Screening

Automatically identify most promising candidates.

Predictive Tools

Use past data to suggest new experiments or identify critical variables.

Multi-Step Processes

Create complex workflows with an arbitrary number of steps.

Lab Requests

Request, assign, and track lab work.


Create & View Graphical reports.

Sample Tracking

Monitor sample locations and results across multiple labs.

Inventory Management

Track inputs across experiments by lot number.

Automated Data Ingestion

Upload data through an automated process.

Research areas

The Ultimate Formulation Tool

  • Detailed process flow and step-by-step instructions: Interleave process flows and formula amounts to give precise instructions, while still structuring everything so it can be searched for later.
  • Advanced calculations for formulation, synthesis, and automatic solving capabilities: Automatically populate the relevant amount from any constraint, without resorting to complex Excel macros or custom solver software.
  • Multi-component mixes and intermediates work seamlessly with calculations and compositions: Use intermediates stacked as many levels as necessary, even take synthesis experiments and apply them to formulation.

Measurements Geared for Liquid and Solid States

  • Easy entry for quick tests like pH, viscosity and color: Quickly enter data in the relevant manner for the test at hand, with automatic outlier detection, built in LAB color space support, and other tooling to make your life easy.
  • Test sample structure supports unique panel tracking and system building: Separate and label panels so that you understand the different conditions applied to them, and what tests are running.
  • Quickly add images of samples from phone or directly on tablets: Use Uncountable's mobile companion to quickly gather image data for analysis on the platform.

Advanced Tooling for Mass Formulation

  • Create factorial designs based on calculated factors that present weight based formulations automatically: Use volume and other constraints, while still creating formulations normalized to weights.
  • Design 100s of panels varying factors like substrate, number of coats, layer stack-ups: Quickly create matrix designs across as many dimensions as necessary for your testing cycles.
  • Track panels in aging with reminders for when to take them out for testing: Use Uncountable's test management and calendar system to understand what is going on in your lab, and get automatic reminders of actions to take.

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“Uncountable identified novel compounds that were outside of our normal box of experimenting.”

Chris Couch
Chief Technology Officer, Cooper Standard
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“Uncountable’s ability to effectively manage our data across our many product lines has led to efficiency gains and new ways to understand and visualize our data that will help us scale at the pace the market demands.”

Aaron Amstutz
Chief Technology Officer, Natural Fiber Welding
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“I think of what we do as a team as solving a Rubik’s Cube, and I view the capability of Uncountable’s software as a way to speed up the solving of this puzzle. We now design experiments using fundamentals of polymer science, but we’re assisted through the optimization phase using Uncountable.”

Jason Rolland
SVP Materials, Carbon
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“Working with Uncountable has enabled a new level of knowledge access and capture across our organization, from R&D to Product Management. We're able to develop and deliver products faster with Uncountable.”

Russell Schwartz
CTO, Sun Chemical

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Secure Data

Independently-verified best practices for storing and securing data


Built with secure cloud infrastructure on AWS

Access Config

Permissions-based access means team members only see what they need to

SOC 2 certified


Uncountable allows you to meet your compliance needs. With SOC 2 Certification, as well ISO 27001, FDA 21 CFR 11, and GMP compliance, our customers store their most sensitive data with Uncountable.


Audit trail of all actions


Electronic signature support


Full lot traceability


Shelf life management


Inventory and workflow task management


Incorporate regulatory and pricing information from existing systems

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