Uncountable Engineering:
Interviewing at Uncountable

We're excited that you are interested in joining the Uncountable team!

Uncountable is a bootstrapped, profitable startup that has been helping Ph.D. chemists, material scientists, and biologists accelerate their R&D projects for over four years.

With a small but strong team, we work to accelerate the careers of our engineers, as well, by giving engineers ownership over their work and empowering them to make a big impact for our industry partners.

Interview Process

Here's what to expect after applying to Uncountable.

  1. Introductory Call (20 minutes)

You will be first asked to do an introductory call with a member of the Uncountable team.  The purpose of this call is to introduce you to Uncountable and answer any questions you may have.  The call will typically start with an introduction on the company.

Successful Candidates...

- Explain why they're interested in Uncountable

- Demonstrate an interest and understanding of the particular role they're applying for

- Share how the role fits into their long-term career plans

- Ask specific questions about the role

  1. Technical Interview (60 minutes)

You will next be asked to participate a technical video interview with a member of the Uncountable engineering team.  The purpose of this screen is to review your coding speed and fluency.

Typically, we will start with two questions that test general coding fluency and problem solving and end with a question that requires you to write a SQL query based on some provided database tables.  For the first two questions, the expectation is that you’re writing code and incrementally testing as you go.

More Details:

The interview will be conducted over Zoom.  The interviewer will send a calendar invite with the link to the meeting.  At the beginning of the meeting, the interviewer will send over chat a link to a pdf with the questions for the interview.  You will then be asked to share your screen.
Please be prepared to write and run code in an environment on your computer or online.  The choice of environment and language is completely up to you.  Make sure that you are writing code in an environment where you can run it.  Scripting programming languages are typically better fits for the questions, but you should pick the language you are most comfortable with. There are no questions that require memorization of algorithms or data structures.
  1. (Full-Time Only) Take-home Assignment (90 minutes)

The next step in the interview process is to complete a take home assignment.  Your interviewer will send you a description of the assignment and any associated materials over email.  You can work at any time and at your own pace.  We request that you spend around 90 minutes on it and that you keep track of how long you spend.

The intention of this assignment is for you to demonstrate your ability to create a new feature quickly and carefully consider the way a user will experience and interact with that feature.

The take-home assignment will be presented during or before the on-site interview to a panel of engineers.  Please send your code in advance and provide instructions on how to run it.

  1. (Full-Time Only) On-Site (120 minutes)

Finally, you will be invited to an on-site interview held over a two hour period.  During the interview, you will be asked to present on your take-home assignment, your past work, and answer some technical questions as well.  There is no additional coding required during the on-site interview.  If you have not already received a product demo, one of our engineers will walk you through the product and talk about their recent work.  Come with plenty of questions.  You will get the chance to talk individually with the founding team and discuss the company and the role in more depth.

An agenda and more details will be provided when scheduling the final interview.

  1. Follow-up Discussions and Decisions

Hiring amazing engineers is the most important way Uncountable will continue to grow as an organization.  Each hire changes our culture and the team as a whole.  For candidates that receive an offer, you can expect many follow-up conversations about the role.

Diversity and Inclusion

Uncountable’s team grows stronger by hiring employees with diverse backgrounds and experiences.  We strive to make sure that every team member feels comfortable and is in a position to do their best work.

During the hiring process, Uncountable attempts to identify and reduce bias related to cultural stereotypes and non-traditional engineering backgrounds.  We are not perfect, but we hope to continue to improve and bring engineers onto the team that can help us identify our own blind spots.

Uncountable hires engineers based on their unique strengths. If you feel that you are more likely to succeed with a particular type of interview process or wish to demonstrate your strengths in a non-traditional way, please let us know and we will do our best to accommodate your request.

Learn More

Values and Culture: https://www.uncountable.com/values

Blog and Company News: https://www.uncountable.com/blog


Here are some questions frequently asked by candidates during the hiring process.

How are teams at Uncountable organized?

We have a core development team of around ten engineers.  Our focus is on hiring engineers who can come in and lead the development of new features and collaborate with members of our team of all seniority.  All engineers have the ability to work across the entire code base and no structure is in place to restrict engineers to certain areas.  Over time, we ask that engineers develop expertise in certain areas of the product, and we create short-term functional project-oriented teams as larger projects develop.

Do I need to know a particular programming language?

We do not require that candidates know a particular programming language in advance.  Strong engineers are able to learn new languages quickly.  However, we find that some experience with modern Javascript development is almost always necessary for a candidate to understand the type of role we’re offering.  Additionally, we strongly prefer candidates with experience with SQL databases.

What benefits are offered?

Every full-time employee at Uncountable is given a generous equity package. We pay for our employees' health care and dental care. We also offer a 401K with a 3% employer contribution regardless of employee contribution level.