Making a difference with Uncountable

July 8, 2019
Andrés González Padilla

Making a difference with Uncountable

Andrés Padilla writes about his experience as a data scientist starting at Uncountable.

I have been part of Uncountable for 6 months at the time of this post and it has been a ride.  When I joined, the company’s head count had just doubled, and I was fortunate enough to found the European branch as the first member based outside the US. Now, as the presence of Uncountable in Europe has crystallized and new members join the Munich office, the company is growing towards new continents - literally.

Before joining Uncountable, I had only heard that the fast pace of start-ups required a high degree of adaptability. What this has meant for my personal experience is a requirement for me to set time aside to relearn procedures, strategies and methodologies. Coming from an academic atmosphere, the experience did not feel too foreign: the learning never stops and there is a drive for constant improvement. Specifically, the service provided will undoubtedly make you acquainted with chemistry terms and processes you did not know were crucial of the products you use in your day to day.  However, a key aspect that differentiates Uncountable from academia -and even other start-ups- is that it only takes a few weeks to notice the impact of the work you do.

Belonging to a small team implies that you will feel a portion of the company resting on your shoulders; a sensation that is as scary as it is rewarding. Although most of the projects are individually handled almost end-to-end (It is not uncommon that you find yourself in the frontline speaking to clients), the continuous support you receive from colleagues deems indispensable. The tight A-level group will undoubtedly mean that you end up learning from each other’s expertise on business, computer and data science, engineering and AI - buzzwords that are not mere selling points but truly compose the core of our methodology. I find myself constantly surprised of how my colleagues harness state-of-the-art literature to produce ever improving tangible results while being able to explain difficult concepts in the clearest of ways.

These six months have flown fast, and the excitement does not seem to be going anytime soon. If you are passionate, highly logical and want to be part of the young and talented individuals that provide companies with a real and tangible edge over their competitors, Uncountable is eager to hear from you.  

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