Nutrition Technology Company Simulate Selects Uncountable

January 12, 2023

Simulate, a nutrition technology start-up founded in 2018, is developing plant-based chicken products, using several new protein texturization platforms. As part of their goals to scale their technology and production processes, they have chosen to partner with Uncountable as their R&D lab data and knowledge management platform. Uncountable offers data structure and integration that allows comprehensive access to the experimental information collected from experimentation and prototyping. Scientists and engineers are able to collaborate using a single, centralized data repository that easily preserves the lab data for the long-term. Uncountable is excited to be working with their excellent scientific team to scale their lab operations and accelerate their product development.  

“With Uncountable, we are able to easily deploy a scalable data platform that supports the wide breadth of R&D processes, data file types, and user control requirements," said Amir Farnoud, Technology Lead at Simulate. "Uncountable has empowered us to do quick and targeted searches to pinpoint specific variables within piles of data. The significantly improved data recording and analysis provided by Uncountable will give us a boost in our mission, to upgrade the world to a positive food system.”  

Uncountable is thrilled to be working with Simulate, helping them to continue innovating in their space! Visit to learn more about how your team can leverage Uncountable's LIMS, ELN, visualization and modeling capabilities to transform your R&D activities.

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