Working at Uncountable


Uncountable is a hard-working team of engineers, data scientists, account managers, and sales executives headquartered in the Design District in San Francisco, CA.


Our Values

Uncountable's mission is to accelerate R&D.

The primary objective of our work on a daily basis is to provide value for our customers.

To achieve that, we value Execution, Efficiency, and Empiricism.

Primary Focus: Customer-first

  • We put the needs of our customers and what they care about first.

  •  We prioritize data security because security is of the utmost importance to our customers.

  •  We act with professionalism and care towards our customers.

  •  We learn as much as we can from our customers and empathize with them.

Value 1: Execution

We help our customers execute on R&D projects and innovate quickly.  We prioritize execution for ourselves as well.

  • We get our work done on-time and prioritize functioning, high-quality solutions over perfect ones.

  •   We do not distract from the workday with too many meetings or events.

  •  We get work done during the day and enjoy our time outside the office.

  •  We have the flexibility to do our work in a way that is best for each of us without excessive restrictions or processes.

Value 2: Efficiency

We help make R&D experimentation be as efficient as possible. We are as efficient as possible as well.

  •   We move quickly and choose to work on the projects that will be most impactful.

  •   We minimize process and optimize for performance and scale.

  •   We find ways of innovating to improve efficiency.

  •   We each take ownership over our work and give all employees a lot of responsibility.

  •   We are building a small team of great people.  Everyone owns what they work on and we believe that is more efficient than increasing headcount and oversight.

  •   We eschew collaboration in exchange for flexibility.  We work individually by default but know when asking for help is more efficient than working on our own.

Value 3: Empiricism

We help our customers put more emphasis on their R&D data and make decisions using that data.  We let empirical results guide our decisions as well.

  •   We trust data over intuition

  •   We believe the best way to win an argument is to have data to backup your position.

  •   We let observations of past success and failures dictate our future actions.

  •   We look for ways to collect data that will influence our decisions and the company's trajectory.

  •   We test new ideas and are open to letting the data tell us that we're wrong.

  •   We let our customers' actions and behaviors dictate what we build by observing how they work and which features they use more and asking them for feedback.

  •   We choose our business development strategies based on what has worked in the past and collect data to optimize.


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